9 Aug

The Future of Wi-Fi in The Corporate World

The internet is the one thing our modern world requires. Only as recently as 2015 have hotels turned Wi-Fi into a complimentary service. Even then, the Wi-Fi offered isn’t the newest and fastest internet available. According to studies 5G Wi-Fi was not expected to make an appearance until 2020. Fortunately for the business world, companies like Coastal Conference Center have taken the initiative to offer 5G Wi-Fi as a complimentary service.

Now what is 5G? Well the 5 just stands for fifth and the G stands for generation. So essentially 5G stands for fifth generation wireless internet. 5G is the newest form of Wi-Fi available now and to find it anywhere is difficult, but to find a company that is willing to allow clients to access the 5G Wi-Fi at no extra cost is almost unheard of.

The world is evolving, especially the technological world. The best thing to do is to keep up or be left behind. Hotels are not operating in the here and now when it comes to internet access. The speed is a throwback to dial up and the spotty connection makes doing any kind of work difficult. When booking a meeting, presentation, or convention look to the future, look to conference centers. Coastal Conference Center is leading the way to tomorrow with offering the newest and fastest internet at no extra cost, ensuring clients have everything they need to be successful.

By Devin Hill


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