5 Sep

Smart TVs:A Stress Free Presentation

For many years, classes, presentations, seminars, were done with posters. As time passed and technology developed, those same events were conducted with projectors. Some projectors plugged into computers, others were done with light and clear sheets covered in notes.

Posters are difficult to transport, projectors have a short life span when it comes to their light bulbs, cords get tangled, and wires break. These setbacks create stress and can leave an unpleasant first impression. One way to prevent that awkward situation is to use Smart TVs. The TVs act and function like computers.

Businesses, such as Coastal Conference Center made the switch from projectors to Smart TVs. The televisions are equipped with internet, USB ports, HDMI ports, and AV ports. For those who might not be as technologically savvy, these ports make the television compatible with any computer, tablet or cell phone. The televisions even hook up to the internet, making Bluetooth capability a possibility, all that is needed is an adapter.

When it comes to a presentation, stress should not be in the equation. There should not be a moment where the presenter has to apologize for technical difficulties. Smart TVs give the presenter an edge that projectors and posters simply can’t. Technology is advancing faster than most of us can keep up. Coastal Conference Center closes that gap with their Smart TVs and IT team. There is no stress when there is a better way to do meetings.


By Devin Hill

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