15 Sep

Plan B for Business Centers

Business meetings, conferences, lectures, board meetings get scheduled. The presentations are created, and coffee is brewed in preparation. The presenter will wake up a little early and the audience might prepare questions for afterwards. We plan everything down to the last detail, except for one thing: mother nature.

In Florida, Hurricane Irma devastated downtown Jacksonville, plunging some office buildings into darkness with no end in sight. With diligent teams working night and day, eventually those offices will reopen, however places like Coastal Conference Center are prepared for natural disasters. Their doors are open, they have fresh gourmet coffee, flawless 5G internet, and most importantly ice-cold air conditioning.

Hurricanes, tornados, blizzards are all weather patterns that really don’t think about that important meeting, or that deposition. The weather is unpredictable, as much as we try to get a good read on it, a hurricane is going to do whatever it desires. The only thing we can do is prepare and Coastal Conference Center has a plan for every letter of the alphabet. Any disaster, big or small, the ladies at CCC can handle it, making it so business never stops.

A hurricane isn’t going to be considerate of your plans, but Coastal Conference Center will. When the next one storm hits, make sure you have the best team out there to keep your world moving.  Coastal Conference Center is here in the after math of Hurricane Irma. Their doors are open and ready to help in any way your business might need.


By Devin Hill

Main Street Room

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