20 Jul

No Contract, No Stress

Over the last 10 years the business world has undergone a drastic makeover. Companies would book conference and training space with hotels, or with convention centers. There would be a long-convoluted contract that would squeeze every penny out of a business, just for a few days in a room that didn’t really fit the needs of the event.

As time goes on we evolve. In the modern world, we do not have time for the stress of arguing over a contract. Signing a lease for a space for six months or a year, but only needing to use it once or twice is not cost effective. A trend has started across the country of no contract meeting spaces. So far only a couple of companies have started in this vein, most are in New York.

Here in Jacksonville, Coastal Conference Center answered the call for a no contract meeting space. The rooms are designed specifically for meetings, mediations, arbitrations, training, and the list goes on. No one else in Jacksonville fills this cost-effective need, not the way Coastal Conference Center does.

The company is designed to take the stress out of planning large events or small offsite meetings. The high-end, luxurious, and professional furnishings bring a level of comfort that you’re not going to be able to find anywhere else in the South East. There is no contract waiting with fine print. A client gives CCC a call and a room can be available to them the same day. There is no recurring charge.

This is not a hotel where you must book sleeping rooms to use the large convention rooms. This isn’t a business center where you must rent an office.

The business world is changing and Coastal Conference Center is leading the charge with a better way to do meetings.

By Devin Hill

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