1 Nov

New Team Member, New Meeting Space

When a new team member arrives in a work place, the transition can be difficult. Surrounded by new people, new desks, new programs, a person can become overwhelmed. Trying to impress the new boss, trying to find where they fit in the bull pen, it can turn into a nightmare rather quickly.

Sometimes it is best to get the team out of the office for a few hours. Instead of taking the new team member to lunch, make an appointment at a conference center. Coastal Conference Center is the most luxurious professional conference center in Jacksonville, if you want to treat your team to the best of the best. Ask for their modular room, the furniture can be moved any way you want.

The reasoning behind this is making an environment where team members must interact. It builds a sense of comradery and opens those channels of communication for the new team members. It also gives the team leader a sense of where the new team member fits in and if the dynamic of the group needs a little TLC.

Coastal Conference Center has a room dedicated to team building and training. The modular furniture allows for a diverse set up. The room will be set according to your specifications prior to you and your team arriving. If you need help with setting up your presentation, the ladies of CCC can come in and get the training started off right, if there is a need.

Your team is an ever-changing set of variables, every once in a while, it is a good idea to evaluate the dynamics and see if there is room for improvement. Coastal Conference Center has a conference room suited for just that purpose.


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