11 Jul

Getting Out of the Office

Get up, hit the snooze button, make the coffee, and start the day. We get in the car or on the bus and we get to our office, a home away from home to so many of us. As we settled into our desk, into our day, we switch our brains to auto-pilot. Plug and chug through the day, not really giving our full attention during the meetings, or at the water cooler.
We are all familiar with the sensation of getting stuck in a rut during the work week. Everything is familiar, comfortable, and all we really want to do is get out. This feeling is normal, but it can also become troublesome as time goes on. There is a solution to this sensation though, let us help you climb out of that rut and get a fresh look on your work.
It is proven that an easy way to change a mindset is to change your scenery. If going to the office has become a chore, then it is time to hold a staff meeting off campus. Find a new location to get the creative juices flowing and to wake up your team members.
But be careful, picking an offsite location can be tricky. Picking a theme park for example wouldn’t be very productive, but you don’t want to pick a place that looks exactly like your office either. Choose a professional environment that is completely dedicated to creating the best meeting experience possible. Comfort mixed with a professional environment is the best way to go to get the team excited. All it takes is one meeting outside of the office to see the difference in your team, productivity rises as well as office morale.

Written by: Devin Hill

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