15 Nov

5 Steps to a Better Budget

Every year, financial advisors sit down with the Board of Directors. A few laughs are shared, a few stories about the weekend’s events. Once the coffee has done the impossible and given life to the early risers, the conversation can be focused to one thing, budgets. For new companies this can be a daunting experience,...
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1 Nov

New Team Member, New Meeting Space

When a new team member arrives in a work place, the transition can be difficult. Surrounded by new people, new desks, new programs, a person can become overwhelmed. Trying to impress the new boss, trying to find where they fit in the bull pen, it can turn into a nightmare rather quickly. Sometimes it is...
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4 Oct

Reliable, Easy, Secure

Every year board members, CFOs, and CEOs get together to discuss financial planning and to create a budget. As we near the fourth quarter, those meetings will need to take place. Sensitive information will be discussed for days, if not weeks at a time. Psychologists around the world have done numerous studies outlining that to...
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26 Sep

Silver Linings

The balmy evening of September 10th, 2017, the entire city of Jacksonville held its breath as hurricane Irma approached. Her furry plunged the streets of downtown into the depths, taking countless buildings out of commission. Almost a week and a half later, some buildings are still swallowed in the debris. Multiple companies have been forced...
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15 Sep

Plan B for Business Centers

Business meetings, conferences, lectures, board meetings get scheduled. The presentations are created, and coffee is brewed in preparation. The presenter will wake up a little early and the audience might prepare questions for afterwards. We plan everything down to the last detail, except for one thing: mother nature. In Florida, Hurricane Irma devastated downtown Jacksonville,...
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5 Sep

Smart TVs:A Stress Free Presentation

For many years, classes, presentations, seminars, were done with posters. As time passed and technology developed, those same events were conducted with projectors. Some projectors plugged into computers, others were done with light and clear sheets covered in notes. Posters are difficult to transport, projectors have a short life span when it comes to their...
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9 Aug

The Future of Wi-Fi in The Corporate World

The internet is the one thing our modern world requires. Only as recently as 2015 have hotels turned Wi-Fi into a complimentary service. Even then, the Wi-Fi offered isn’t the newest and fastest internet available. According to studies 5G Wi-Fi was not expected to make an appearance until 2020. Fortunately for the business world, companies...
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20 Jul

No Contract, No Stress

Over the last 10 years the business world has undergone a drastic makeover. Companies would book conference and training space with hotels, or with convention centers. There would be a long-convoluted contract that would squeeze every penny out of a business, just for a few days in a room that didn’t really fit the needs...
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11 Jul

Getting Out of the Office

Get up, hit the snooze button, make the coffee, and start the day. We get in the car or on the bus and we get to our office, a home away from home to so many of us. As we settled into our desk, into our day, we switch our brains to auto-pilot. Plug and...
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18 May

Suites near courthouse working for attorneys

By Max Marbut, Associate Editor It’s only about 600 steps and 5.3 minutes from the Duval County Courthouse. That’s part of what’s made Executive Suite Professionals such a success since it opened in July 2014, said Lisa Gufford. She and some partners built out most of the 14th floor at EverBank Center to offer small businesses...
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